Michael Brandon’s monster meth habit

SF Weekly is running a five-page feature about Michael Brandon‘s current drug-related legal problems…

We cannot display this gallery When the careworn, emaciated man in the powder-blue long-sleeved button-down shirt drifted in through the courtroom doors, not many took note. For all anyone knew, he was just another junkie who had stolen or trespassed or sold drugs or gotten ratted out by some other junkie.

Aside from a reporter, nobody seemed to suspect this man might be a beloved San Franciscan gay porn icon with a 10-inch cock nicknamed Monster and a line of dildos created in its likeness. This guy now looked like a withered character in a Tim Burton film, nothing like the wiry blond stud who twice took home the highest honor in gay porn, the GAYVN Performer of the Year. It was conceivable that this wasn’t the man at all.

He settled in the second-to-last row of the courtroom, took a long, slow breath, and gazed at the floor.

The reporter approached. “Are you Michael Brandon?”

The man’s distressed blue eyes flicked up and he nodded. — (full story)

The longtime fan favorite spent most of the ’90s battling an addiction to crystal meth. He even served more than three years in prison after two separate drug convictions.

Brandon had dabbled in porn since 1989, but shot to super-stardom ten years later after teaming up with Chris Ward at Raging Stallion Studios. Ironically, Brandon kicked the habit, and his porn popularity turned him into an influential anti-drug posterboy for the San Francisco Department of Health’s Stonewall Project.

His personal life and lucrative porn career are now in limbo thanks to his messy relapse.

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3 Responses

  1. S. Sharlette

    I went to visit Michael Brandon at Rehab yesterday. He is doing much better; however, It was so sad to hear him talk about how his partners at the studio have been treating him since he fell back into his addiction this past December. Some of the stuff I am not suppose to comment; but I would not trat my worst enemy they way Chris Ward and Kent Taylor have treated Michael; and on top of that they brag about themsleves helping him to get publicity for the studio.

    With tears in his eyes Michael said “I’ve always seen them do things like that to other people; but I never thought they will treat me like that… I made that studio; and I thought I was a friend”. He tried to stop several times shortly after his relapse, but the thought of having to go into Raging Stallion and seeing Chris Ward and Kent Taylor again after how they treated him made him fall back into his addiction.

    I can’t wait for him to be out of rehab, so he can finally let everyone in the adult industry and their fans/customers how he was backstaved and destroyed by his partners at Raging Stallion Studios.

    October 25, 2008 at 9:14 am

  2. Roz

    What a sick and stupid hypocrite! Michael Brandon – asshole and IDIOT of the year vows a comeback! In another breath he complains that he cannot go to 12-step N.A. or AA meetings because as “Superstar” Michael Brandon “he has no anonymity!” BULLSHIT MICHAEL! BULL FUCKEN SHIT! He’s such an ass + HYPOCRITE he says in one breath to please a judge that he’ll do ANOTHER REHAB and then he goes and calls the press and does an interview lamenting that he cannot get clean cause NA and AA do not allow him anonymity! GET A FRIGGIN grip MICHAEL — – There are lots of gay and straight people at 12-step meetings who do not care about your porno career or your dick size! You are so conceited to think people are obsessed with you — GOD, you are an asshole! + you are getting rahter old and ugly any how so change your name to back to Michael Phillips – THROW THE POPPERS BOTTLES + DRUG PARAPHANELIA out and get a life! Get a career — go to college! One time Michael was going to fuck me and he said, “Relax your spinkter muscle…” I looked at him and said “And, I have only 1 spinkter muscle??” Michael said “yes!” God, what an idiot = FYI Michael the average caucasian American male has 22-27 spinkter muscles! Have you ever had a biology class in your life???? Have you ever in your travels which you thought you were so fucken hot BOTHERED to learn another language???? Can you evenThe tell a Leonardo brushstroke fron a Cezanne brush stroke? Do you know the difference of acid and base and Fresco seco and Fresco Vero? Stop thinking people want your cock! They don’t cause if they did your “so-called” fans would have raised funds for you to have a legal defense! They do not love you so quit worrying about them you asshole! You want recovery and anonymity – RIGHT! What you want is sympathy and a world where you do not work or contributre anything yet you want your cock worshiped and to party like hell and get on the cover of magazines as a “VICTIM” – – Michael you are your own victim and deserve life in prison! IDIOT, lying BITCH-CUNT- WHORE!
    The millions of people Michael Phillips Monster Brandon lied to , stole from and cheated are greater than his all words an dno action / fickle fans! Michael’s Karma inicludes making serious amends to Chris Ward and Kent Taylor of Raging Stallion Studios who went out on a limb to help this ex-inmate and felon in hte first place!

    April 11, 2009 at 2:51 pm

  3. Macon

    That dog is a menace to society and ought to be immediately DESTROYED cause Bitch-CUNT-Whore Michael Brandon lied, thiefed and cheated his way to the top and then had a common temper tanthrum when the drugs and funtime ran out! Somebody shoot her! otherwise california taxpayers are screwed to room and board her in prison and pay for public defender after public defender!

    April 23, 2009 at 8:51 pm

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