Markie More’s StockBar sex show

Pascal, of Maskurbate, gets to live his male stripper muscle worship fantasy when he goes to see Markie More’s special performance at StockBar. He joins Markie on stage and helps him out of his clothes. Then he drops to his knees to give Markie a blowjob next to the stripper pole and ends up taking a mouthful of Markie’s creamy cum.

Markie More’s first strip performance ever gathered crowds at Montreal’s StockBar. I was in the front row to see my idol in person. During Markie’s strip show I started daydreaming about him being a Maskurbate model. He appeared before me with a mask on before taking it out and inviting me on stage with him. It was surreal, I found myself performing a muscle worship on Markie More! He grabbed me from behind, and pulled me against him as I was feeling his muscular body. I got on my knees, lowered his underwear and went down his shaft slowly as I wanted to remember this moment forever. Markie got excited. His dick was so stiff, it went down my throat effortlessly. Giving head to Markie More was awesome and I was so hungry for his load. He didn’t disappoint me. I still remember thinking: ‘holy crap, that’s a whole fucking lot of sperm in my mouth!’. Eventually I woke up from my daydreaming and saw Markie stripping in front of us all. He bent down and asked me: ‘Aren’t you Pascal from Maskurbate? You want to see me after?’ 🙂 — Maskurbate

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Gimme More -- Markie More's male stripper sex show

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