Kelly Ripa’s stripper husband “Meaty” Mark Consuelos

Nude photos of soap opera star Mark Consuelos working as a male stripper circa 1994

Since Magic Mike is creating a new kind of porn chic, Kelly Ripa is now openly acknowledging one of Hollywood’s worst kept secrets: That her squeaky-clean, Hallmark Channel movie-starring hubby, Mark Consuelos, was a male stripper before he got into acting.

According to Ripa, Channing Tatum‘s sensational stripper past — which is about to be immortalized in a semi-autobiographical summer movie — isn’t even remotely unique.

“A lot of hot guys in Hollywood have done that,” she says. “He was straight out of college — he went to Notre Dame but he finished his degree at the University of South Florida. So, there he was in South Florida. He’s gorgeous [and], looking to break into show business. So, he started off as a roadie to a group of these guys, and then they talked him into stripping.”

See, even ancient peoples with crappy GeoCities accounts knew that Kelly Ripa married a strippa. His nickname was “Meaty Mark.” Lucky girl!

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