Leo Giamani and Brice Barrington get physical

Have you ever been working out and have a really hot buddy spot you, causing you to have a big hard-on, totally distracting you from your workout? What goes through your mind at that point? Are you hoping he won’t notice the huge tent in your gym shorts? Or do you think it would be hot if he did? Maybe he’ll offer to suck you off while you work out. This was exactly the sort of thing that went through my mind when I put Bryce Barrington and Leo Giamani in the Randy Blue Gym together.

Bryce, who is perfectly at home in the gym, was thrilled to mix his love of working out with his love of hot sex and couldn’t wait to get started. He jumps into every project with lots of enthusiasm and he made sure he took good care of Leo. I mean, who wouldn’t want a guy with such a hot, muscular body sucking their cock like their life depended on it. And speaking of muscles, Leo Giamani should be the poster boy for the RB gym. His incredible physique, chiseled features and gigantic cock make him a force to be reckoned with.

I try to be respectful of the guys and keep things purely business when I’m shooting but, just between us, there was so much heat, sweat and testosterone in that room I couldn’t help but have a raging hard-on the whole time. And I’m sure you will just from watching this crazy hot video. Leo and Bryce engulf each others hard cocks, each one getting more turned and eager to show the other one how good it felt. And once Bryce got a look at all the hot spunk Leo unleashed on his own smooth, muscular chest, he couldn’t wait to dump his own load right on top of it.

One word of warning, though. After a few viewings you may not be able to get through a full workout without sporting wood of your own. But who knows, maybe you’ll find a workout buddy like Bryce or Leo to help you out. — Randy Blue

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