Gay porn star Jesse SantanaDidja hear the news? Rebecca Romijn is feuding with Ryan Seacrest. And Jet Set and Cocky Boys exclusive Jesse Santana got caught in the crossfire even though he had nothing to do with it. Or something…

I try to avoid all the backstage drama because porn is like sausage. It’s hard to enjoy it if you know how it’s made. But this controversy was hard to ignore because Cocky Boys issued a press release that found its way to my inbox. Read Dewayne in San Diego for a recap of the Derek & Romaine v. Jason Sechrest/Jesse Santa fracas.

All I can say is….

LEAVE JESSE ALONE!!! He’s a human! And he has a really nice ass and a great tan. He made a video called The F Word for a reason. Because some of you people need to shut the “F” up!!! LEAVE HIM ALONE!

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