Justin Ryder does Bobby Clark

Bobby Clark

Watch Justin & Bobby suck ‘n’ fuck in the shower!

About Justin Ryder & Bobby Clark

It’s been a while since I saw Bobby take it up the ass so I invited him over to my pad one day and told him there was a treat waiting for him upstairs in my shower and to take off his clothes and meet me up there. Good ol’ Bobby did as he was told and was rewarded with my hot friend Justin waiting for him naked in the shower. Bobby wastes no time and makes his way into the shower. The two start making out but it isn’t long before Bobby decides that he can’t resist that Justin’s cock and drops right down to his knees. Justin starts face fucking Bobby – choking him with his dick….HOT! Justin loves every second of it as he tells Bobby to “fucking gag on it”. Then it’s Bobby’s time to take control as he pushes Justin to his knees and tells him to “suck on my fuckin’ nuts”. But enough foreplay – Bobby came to get fucked. Justin bends Bobby over the sink and shoves it in all the way deep…and Bobby loves every second of it as Justin calls him a bitch. They switch positions and Bobby sits right down on his cock as he exclaims “that’s it – that’s the fuckin spot!”. It must have been because it isnt long before Bobby shoots a huge fucking load all over the bathroom floor. Justin pulls out and shoots his load all over Bobby’s chest. I knew these guys would hit it off – who knew they’d talk so much while they were fucking! I loved it! — Cocky Boys

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