Justin Magnum — beatific beefcake

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Here’s straight porn star Justin Magnum’s Playgirl shoot. He’s like some devilishly handsome angel. Looks almost good enough to stick in a holiday greeting card and mail home to Mom…

This is our Mega Magnum thread. He’s one of our most searched models so I’m tagging this with a “Most Wanted” label.

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About this model:

Justin Magnum

  • Name: Justin Magnum
  • Also Known As: Magnum Force
  • Birth Date: August 1975
  • Birthplace: South Africa
  • Height: 5′ 11″
  • Sexual Preference : Straight
  • Buy His Videos: TLA Video
  • Video On Demand: Male-Erotika Gay PPV, Male-Erotika Porn 4 Women
  • Justin Magnum’s a straight male porn star with tremendous crossover appeal. He pleases gay men and straight women alike in videos like Hitting the G-Spot from Playgirl‘s hardcore erotica line and Jake Cruise’s Straight Guys for Gay Eyes. You can find Justin online at sites like SG4GE, Club Hancock, and PlaygirlTV. You can also watch him beat his meat at the all-male solo jack off site MaleSolos.com. Additional biographical data courtesy of the Internet Adult Film Database.

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