It’s a family affair

Dolph Lambert has a threeway with Milo & Elijah Peters!

This scene starts out innocently enough with the deceptively wholesome looking pretty boy Dolph Lambert trading fitness tips with the twins, seek Milo & Elijah Peters. Things take a turn for the taboo after Dolph gets a beer instead of a protein shake. Before you know it, viagra he’s blowing the twins. Then Milo & Elijah suck each other off as they take turns riding Dolph’s cock. The scene ends with one of the twins taking a messy oral cum shot from Dolph and his brother.

Talk about tasting forbidden fruit!

Click the pic to download a truncated version of this scene — money shot included. Or join Bel Ami Online to see the whole video.

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See all of Dolph’s scenes at Bel Ami Online!

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  3. hot

    they all look hot

    July 20, 2010 at 6:07 pm

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