Roman’s Holiday preview

Falcon Studios Press Notes — Exclusive Roman Heart travels down to Argentina, eager to lose himself and revel in the excitement that is Buenos Aires. He learns that it does take two to tango, but the more partners to cavort with, the better.

Strolling the promenade, Roman Heart encounters Robinho Desilva. The attraction is immediate and Roman follows his new friend home for some erotic manplay. Robinho tongues the hungry pilgrim’s ass, then fucks him hard, pounding his hole, before shooting gobs of mancream all over Roman’s face.

Ulises Falcon and German Rojas hit the sack to do the horizontal lambada, eager to suck and fuck like madmen. Ulises rims his partner’s hairy hole before German takes charge to fuck him from behind. He continues to plow Ulises’ ass, then jerks off until he climaxes and douses him with his jism.

Max Schutler introduces Roman Heart to Michael Amerika, Alejandro Bravo and Bruno Bordas. The new friends greet one another with a kiss, getting a hint of what’s to come. They quickly dive into a feeding frenzy, sucking, rimming, fucking – everyone getting a taste of each other’s manly bounty.

Thomas Achaval and Damian Ferreyra strip down to nurse on each other’s cock. Damian discovers the glory of Thomas’ asshole and assaults it with his tongue. Then he screws him with forceful yet gentle thrusts. Thomas is getting the ride of his life, sighing and writhing as they fuck with abandon.

Roaming the city, Roman Heart discovers Pedro Andreas and Daniel Marvin – two gauchos eager to strengthen international relations. Roman’s hunger to promote the good neighbor policy is infectious and the men trade off sucking and fucking, ending with Roman swallowing two mouthfuls of Latin cum.

Falcon Studios presents Roman’s Holiday – Directed by John Bruno – Starring: Roman Heart, Pedro Andreas, Daniel Marvin, Alejandro Bravo, Bruno Bordas, Damian Ferreyra, German Roja, Max Schutler, Michael Amerika, Robinho DeSilva, Thomas Achaval, Ulises Falcon

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