Update: Friction at Falcon

We cannot display this gallery”I was royally fucked with a sandpaper dildo.”

So says a poster claiming to be Matthew Rush, using the username “matt rush xxx” in a mega thread at the venerable ATKOL Forums.

But he’s not talking about a revival of Falcon’s extreme penetration videos. Rush is referring to softcore turned gay-for-pay model Zeb Atlas’ sweetheart deal with Falcon Studios.

Rush and Atlas recently completed shooting the first of two hardcore sex scenes for the upcoming gay marriage-themed video Best Men. Ostensibly his scenes with Atlas were meant to be Atlas’ first on-screen encounter with another man. But, according to “matt rush xxx”, Atlas “tainted” the project by appearing in a heavily promoted blowjob scene with geriatric porn producer Jake Cruise.

The poster claiming to be Matthew Rush in his own words…

“I felt betrayed by Zeb because he could have anyone in the scene he wanted but he chose me to be in his first man on man scene. Falcon had bent over backwards and met his ‘demands’ then he goes and does his first scene with Jake.

“The least Falcon could have done was cut his pay in half. In my opinion, he should have been cut from the scene. Neither happened. Granted I’m old news but I’d still like to think that a company that I have been loyal to for almost 10 years would have handled it in a different manner. I feel I got the short end of the stick and I was royally fucked with a sandpaper dildo.”

Atlas isn’t the only major gay-for-pay star to spoil a Falcon “first.” Former exclusive Jason Adonis was slated to appear in his first ever bottoming scene with Erik Rhodes in The Famer’s Son, but Adonis streamed a “first time” bottoming scene on his official web site before his Falcon cherry pop hit the shelves — forcing Falcon to release the scene on VOD ahead of the video’s scheduled release date.

“Matt rush xxx” had some choice words about that incident as well…

“Erik was supposed to be his first but he wasn’t. If Erik or I would have pulled a stunt like that, we would have been canned. I guess being openly gay and proud and loyal to a company for 9 years means nothing these days.”

The refreshingly opinionated poster also dumped a $5 gallon of gasoline on the gay-for-pay debate

“Everyone goes on and on about gay for pay this and gay for pay that. The thought of a straight guy getting it on with another guy may look hot on paper but when it comes down to it, it makes for a much harder and longer scene to shoot. No one ever takes that into consideration. As long as the gay community keeps supporting “Gay for Pay” actors, they are going to continue to take advantage of us and screw the companies over.”

“Matt rush xxx” bitter complaints about the project are at odds with the rosy (and well-timed) PR campaign Falcon launched to coincide with California’s first legal gay wedding.

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UPDATE: Never mind…. This post has been updated to reflect the fact that the moderators at ATKOL are now saying the poster “matt rush xxx” is an impostor. His recent posts have been deleted. It should be noted, however, that a person claiming to be Matthew Rush has been posting at ATKOL since 2005 using that particular username.

There has still been a considerable amount of drama on this project though. Most of it related to former Falcon CEO Todd Montgomery’s recent departure. Word is the impostor was a disgruntled manager who felt he was owed money.

UPDATE II: Never mind the never mind…. Matthew Rush might have posted this after all. One comment at least. Or not. David Forest seems to think so….

“It appears that NATTHEW RUSH [sic] has removed his “real” posting on this thread (I’m assuming that it was real … it was still there AFTER Jeff/Atkol removed the “fake” Rush posts earlier today).

Good going, MATT. Best to say NOTHING if you don’t have something GOOD to say. Right?


UPDATE III: From the ATKOL mods

After reading this thread carefully and checking into the e-mail poster, I have determined it is one and the same Matthew Rush.

I am putting back his comments which I was asked to remove by Falcon. The spokesperson claimed it was an imposter. [sic] After review, It matches previous information on file.

UPDATE IV: After a weeks long controversy and public objections from Matthew Rush — which included a tearful web cam performance — Zeb Atlas’ second sex scene with Matthew Rush has been canceled.

[Editor’s note: This is why I try to ignore backstage porn gossip. Because making porn is like making sausages. The more you know about how it gets made, the less appetizing it becomes. — rich]

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