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No more homo haters! Ever!

Watch Joan Crawford smack the crap out of stupid, hateful homophobic bigot Stacey Pritchard. Because someone this proud of their ignorance deserves to become an internet meme.

Prop H8 is unconstitutional — again…

A federal appeals court in a 2-1 decision ruled that the California’s gay marriage ban violated the U.S. Constitution. Of course this won’t stop H8ers from H8ing. Equality opponents vowed to appeal, because Maggie Gallagher (aka Ina Garten’s evil twin sister) doesn’t want to give up her gravy train.

This is how democracy dies…

Scott Brown's semi-nude Cosmo centerfold

Not with a bang, generic but with a himbo. Scott Brown is sort of the male version of Sarah Palin — a real nasty piece of work who’s able to coast on faux populism and good looks. If he wins Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, ampoule don’t expect any of the myriad problems this country is facing to get solved anytime soon. If Democrats couldn’t do shit when they had 60 votes in their caucus, stuff they sure as hell won’t be able to accomplish anything with 59. Our penchant for electing fuckable politicians will be the death of us all.


Coming to an airport near you — the virtual strip search

Full-body scanner virtual strip searchHere’s a new reason to stick to your New Year’s resolution — if you’ve vowed to eat right and get more excercise, cialis that is. Full-body scanners.

And you might want to stock up on the Extenze while you’re at it, cialis because in the not too distant future, ailment the next time you want to fly, a TSA security screener will probably be ogling your junk to make sure you don’t want to blow up the plane like the failed Undie Bomber.

Of course, there’s one gaping hole in this particular strategy. Full-body scanners can’t detect foreign objects if they’re hidden inside an orifice. So as soon as some yahoo manages to smuggle an explosive or a weapon onto a plane by hiding it up his ass, we’ll be talking about implementing random cavity searches at U.S. airports.

Michael Chertoff, the former head of HSS and one of the biggest advocates of full-body scanners, will make a small fortune if this ever becomes policy. Can you say “conflict of interest?” Keep that in mind the next time you see him on CNN.


Is Levi’s ‘johnston’ worth $25,000?

Unzipped magazine wants Levi Johnston’s ass, sovaldi sale and — shooting for more than just the moon — has offered him $25, ed 000 to do a solo jerk off video. Queerty, a gay culture blog, is willing to go as high as $50,000 to get Levi out of his Levis and into another guy. Good luck with that.

I doubt we’ll be seeing the Johnston johnson anytime soon, but if his fauxmance with Kathy Griffin tells us anything, it’s that Levi Johnston would do just about anything for attention.

Now that I know he’s feuding with the Wicked Witch of Wasilla I no longer hate myself for finding him just a little bit cute.


Jon Stewart’s oddly arousing takedown of CNBC

“If only I’d followed CNBC’s advice, thumb I’d have a million dollars — provided I’d started with a hundred million dollars,” said Jon Stewart, capping off an eight-minute evisceration of the self-anointed financial wizards at the cable news business channel.

I feel like I need a cigarette after watching his breathtaking “Daily Show” smackdown of the corporatist assholes at CNBC. Somehow the crack reporters at the “only business network that has the information and experience that we need” missed the biggest financial story of the year (the collapse of the global economy) even though it’s their fucking job to anticipate this kind of crisis.

But I guess it was impossible for them to warn us about the oncoming disaster when their mouths were stuffed with so much CEO scrotum. Keep in mind I refer to them as crack reporters because they spend so much time with their noses wedged up the butt cracks of the derivatives traders and Ponzi scheme managers who’ve pocketed millions of dollars in bonuses and stolen capital by turning Wall Street into a multi-billion dollar sink hole.

Faux populist — and alleged astroturfer — Rick Santelli was slated to appear on “The Daily Show,” but he chickened out at the last minute at the behest of his CNBC bosses. Guess he missed the lesson David Letterman taught John McCain last fall. Never ever piss off a comedian. They will cut you.

This video needs to go viral. Watch it, and share it with your friends…

UPDATE: The entire NBC family circled the wagons and mounted a pathetic response to Stewart’s takedown. So far the results have been reminiscent of The Bride’s little tussle with The Crazy 88. Little Jimmy Creamer should feel grateful that he can leave this fight with his life. But the limbs he lost in this battle, he should leave behind. They belong to Jon Stewart now. More “Daily Show” carnage below…


Anti-Gay New Life Church tried to cover up Haggard’s sex abuse

So it turns out the sexual relationship Ted Haggard had with a closeted New Life Church volunteer was non-consensual. The man, sovaldi sale Grant Haas, cialis went to the New Life Church because he was “struggling” with his sexual orientation. After his exploitative relationship with Haggard and the church, cialis Haas became suicidal. The church paid the man $180,000 — ostensibly for medical expenses — with the stipulation that he not go public. But the church reneged, and now Haas is going public. Never trust a wealthy preacher or a mega-church that can afford to throw six-figure sums in hush money at sex abuse victims.


Mike Huckabee doesn’t heart sodomy

In a bizarre exchange on his Fox News talkshow, no rx failed Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee desperately tries to win the approval of New York City nightlife hostess Amanda Lepore.

Towards the end of their gabfest — about four minutes in — the former fatso tells the surgically altered style icon that he’s definitely not in favor of sodomy. “Scout’s honor, patient ” he says, putting his hand up.

Why Huckabee would say this to Amanda Lepore remains a mystery. Did she make a pass at him in the green room? Is he afraid she might fashion a new penis out of his redundant skin and rape him with it?

Apparently Huckabee hasn’t quite gotten the hang of this new talkshow gig. He kept calling Amanda “Ann” throughout the interview.

I must say, though, it looks like Amanda has scaled back on the silicone injections. This is an improvement — albeit ever so slight — on her previous look.


The jaws of strife

Ex-gay porn star Matt 'Jawbreaker' Sanchez & rightwing slag Ann Coulter

This is probably the most bizarre political story of the year.

It seems Ann Coulter, find the hate mongering neocon pundit, prescription broke her jaw in some sort of freak accident, and now her mouth has been wired shut.

This could be seen as something to be thankful for this holiday season, because Coulter only ever uses her mouth for eating, drinking, and slandering gays, Democrats, 9/11 widows or anyone else who happens to be to the left of her far-right politics.

You might recall Ann Coulter played a minor role in a porn scandal back in 2007. She famously called John Edwards a faggot at a conservative convention that also happened to honor homophobic rightwing blogger Matt Sanchez. Sanchez was later outed as a gay porn star who went by the name Rod Majors — the star of such titles as Built Tough and Man to Men in the 1990s.

Apparently Sanchez is a huge Ann Coulter fan. A photograph of the pair circulated around the blogosphere after Coulter’s faggot flap.

But how exactly did Ann Coulter manage to break her jaw? Does her broken jaw have anything to do with this…

Rod Majors as seen in Mustang's Built Tough

The most famous title in Rod Majors’ oeuvre is, after all, a GayVN award winner called Jawbreaker.

Wait. What am I thinking? Now that Matt Sanchez has gone ex-gay, he’s sworn off having sex with men, so I’m sure his 10-inch jawbreaker had nothing to do with Ann Coulter’s injury.


CNN newsreader TJ Holmes sucks — but not in the good way

Guess which newsreader will have zero credibility the next time he pretends to be objective while covering Prop H8 or any other gay-related “Culture War” story.

That would be CNN himbo TJ Holmes.

Sure, ailment he’s hot. But he sucks harder than a Hoover.

Here’s what he had to say on CNN’s blog about eHarmony’s recent decision to launch a same-sex dating service after settling a discrimination lawsuit…

[W]hat this case does now is open up a whole new world of possibilities and consequences.

There are dating web sites that cater to Black people. Can someone sue because they won’t be matched with a white guy or gal? There are dating web sites for Jewish people. Can someone sue because they won’t be matched with a Christian? Or other religion? And yes, viagra sale there are even sites dedicated to gays and lesbians. Can a heterosexual now sue those sites for not providing them a straight match?

Beyond that, viagra can you now sue a steakhouse if they don’t have chicken on the menu? … Can I sue a Lamborghini dealership because they don’t offer an affordable, 4-door alternative to the Murcielago?

Notice how he completely left out the prospect of a whites-only dating service from his hypothetical? Activist blogger and frequent CNN commenter John Aravosis did and posted this snark in the comments section…

Yes, next thing you know they’ll start banning whites-only dating sites. Oh that’s right, those are illegal

Note to TJ Holmes: You suck! And your hypocritical, homophobic douchebaggery has earned you three out of a possible four Colin’s.

Colin says you suck! Colin says you suck! Colin says you suck!


Porn star confronts Prop H8-er

We cannot display this galleryMarjorie Christofferson — the Mormon daughter of the owner of the infamous El Coyote restaurant and the unofficial heart and soul of the establishment — has reaped the whirlwind.

At the behest of her church, she donated $100 to a campaign supporting Proposition 8, the ballot initiative that eliminates the right of same-sex couples to marry in California. Earlier this month it passed by a narrow majority, and now 18,000 gay families — including some of Margie’s customers — are in legal limbo because their rights have been stripped away.

When word got out of her support for the anti-gay revision to the California state constitution, Margie’s gay clientèle were none too pleased.

Approximately 75 disgruntled customers attended a brunch last Wednesday so they could hear Margie out. She begged customers not to take out their anger on the restaurant. Another manager promised to make donations to Lamda Legal and the Gay & Lesbian Center on the restaurant’s behalf.

But during a question and answer session freelance journalist Sam Page — an “ex-Mormon, reformed porn star and Hollywood fitness trainer” — asked Marjorie if she was willing to make an equal donation in support of overturning Prop 8.

Her answer went over like a fart in church.

I’ll let the video speak for itself…

Hundreds of protesters rallied outside El Coyote the following night, and now an official boycott of the ostensibly pro-gay West Hollywood landmark is underway.

The passage of Proposition 8 has galvanized the gay rights movement, sparking nationwide protests and boycotts of “Yes on 8” donors. Some have accused Prop H8 opponents of religious bigotry for singling out Mormon contributors and Mormon-owned businesses.

This would be a valid criticism if not for the fact that 50% of the pro-H8 campaign budget and 80-90% of the door-to-door canvassing came from Mormon donors and volunteers. In essence The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints declared war on the gay community. The Mormon “prophet” ordered members to donate time and money to its anti-gay crusade. Since the church doesn’t tolerate dissent, a lavender boycott of Mormon businesses is not only justified, it’s a matter of self-preservation.

People like Marjorie Christofferson aren’t being persecuted for their beliefs. They’re being punished for their actions — for supporting a bigoted attack on the gay community.

UPDATE: It should be noted that Sam Page thinks an El Coyote boycott is shortsighted and that a Zen-like approach is more appropriate.

On a lighter note…

Some of you might remember Sam from his unreformed days when he was acting and modeling under the name Sam Tyson. He’s done nude modeling for Men Magazine and Playgirl. He was also one of the first models to appear at Randy Blue. You can see some of his work here and here.

Since saying no to Prop H8 is all about saying yes to love, here’s some photos where Sam seems appropriately undressed for the occasion…

“Reformed” porn star Sam Page (aka Sam Tyson)


Mormons have little love for CA gays

We cannot display this galleryWell, there was good news and bad news coming out of last night’s election. Here’s some of the bad news…

It looks like Proposition 8 Prop Hate, the California initiative to ban same-sex marriage, will pass with a narrow 52% majority in part because of ambivalence from the Obama-Biden ticket but mainly because of a push from the religious right.

The $44 million crusade by religious conservatives to reverse the California Supreme Court ruling in favor of marriage equality was one of the most expensive campaigns of the political season. Just think of all the poor and disadvantaged people that could’ve been helped with all that cash. Most of this money came from out-of-state, making the amendment to California’s state constitution all the more egregious.

According to some estimates, 77% of Prop Hate’s funding came from members of the Mormon Church. Maybe they should do something about the child-abusing, polygamist loonies in their own ranks before they start imposing their views about marriage and family on the rest of us. Get the mote out of thine own eye and all that…

My respect for the Mormon Church and the religious right in general couldn’t get any lower. Don’t forget that these so-called Christians gave us eight years of the worst, most corrupt president in U.S. history. A man whose gift to the world was an unnecessary war and economic policies that created a global financial crisis. Their support of George W. Bush came largely because he campaigned on wedge issues — like opposition to gay rights. And now the entire planet is worse off because of their reactionary, short-sighted politics.

Have these self-righteous busybodies ever mobilized on such a scale against homelessness or health care reform or any other cause that would improve people’s lives in any meaningful way? Or is it all about running on hate with these assholes?

Gay porn stars Brent Everett, Tyler Saint and Michael Lucas all took advantage of California’s brief flirtation with marriage equality. Looks like they — and 18,000 other gay and lesbian couples — are in legal limbo now. But word is Robin Tyler and Diane Olson — the first gay couple to legally marry in California — are filing a lawsuit against Prop Hate.


What the fuck is wrong with John McCain?

We cannot display this gallery

Apart from his Bush III politics, there’s something seriously wrong with this man. I’m not Bill Frist, so I won’t diagnose the cause of John McCain’s bizarre facial ticks via videotape. I’ll just let these pictures from his final debate performance speak for themselves.

McCain spent a good part of the night giving Joe the Plumber Republican Plant a figurative blowjob, but this is carrying it a bit too far.


Brad Pitt gets political

Brad Pitt gets political

Brad Pitt came out as a friend of a Friend of Dorothy by donating $100, cheap 000 to fight Proposition 8, sildenafil a ballot initiative that would overturn the California Supreme Court decision to legalize same-sex marriage.

“Because no one has the right to deny another their life even though they disagree with it, because everyone has the right to live the life they so desire if it doesn’t harm another, and because discrimination has no place in America, my vote will be for equality and against Proposition 8,” the 44-year-old actor said in a statement.

Of course we already knew he was open-minded since he’s nesting with a self-identified bisexual. This move is sure to offend Angelina‘s crazy conservative pappy Jon Voight.

H/T: Brad Pitt Fights for gay marriage

Related links: Brad Pitt gallery; Vote No On Proposition 8


Gutter politics: The art of the low blow

McCain-Palin practice low blow politics

Stay classy. That’s our motto. Not!

Now what do you suppose is really going on in this image? Click here to see the answer. Your mind went straight to the gutter, decease didn’t it? Of course, John McCain and his book-banning-gay-hating running mate Sarah Palin have been running a campaign based on lies and sleaze. They’ve mastered the art of the low blow, so it’s hard to stay high minded while following election coverage.

Here’s a handy primer for all the lies McCain-Palin have been spreading about Obama…


The Gay Old Party

This week the GOP returned to the scene of Sen. Larry Craig’s crime by staging their national convention in St. Paul, find Minnesota. As everyone knows, view Craig was busted last summer for soliciting sex from an undercover cop in a public bathroom at a Minneapolis airport.

Craig’s arrest was just one of a series of humiliating (and oftentimes disturbing) sex scandals that plagued the GOP in 2007. Rep. Bob Allen — the former co-chair of John McCain’s presidential campaign — was also convicted of soliciting prostitution from an undercover cop in the men’s room of a public park.

Lately, order though, the Log Cabinettes have been on their best behavior. Lindsay Graham notwithstanding, the Grand Old Party’s been looking a little less gay but a lot more old. Have you seen the convention coverage? The median age of the typical attendee is Mesozoic.

Still, I’m sure the conservative closet queens are getting as much knob-bobbing on the down-low as ever, so I’ve put together this tribute to our fey friends on the far right: scenes from the vintage Toilet Tramps series. This porn shoot has the distinction of featuring an actual gay Republican — Matt Sanchez, a neocon blogger and occasional Fox News commenter.

Here’s a YouTube clip of La Sanchez (aka Rod Majors, Pierre Labranche) trying to butch it up in a segment about gay gun rights activists. Sanchez spent most of the ’90s and part of the ’00s working as a gay porn star and male escort, so it’s funny to see him act like he doesn’t know anything about queer culture — like he had to look up gay slang on the google.

In another clip he tries to horn in on Kathy Griffin’s act by mocking Nicole Kidman’s botox face. Maybe Sanchez is hoping no one will notice how jacked up his own face is… I’m just sayin’.

Click on the thumbnail to expand the gallery. Use the back button to return to this page.

Tijuana Toilet Tramps

Republican activist Matt Sanchez (aka Rod Majors, Pierre LaBranche, Excellent-Top NYC) in a hardcore gay sex scene from the adult video Tijuana Toilet Tramps.

Miguel Lopez & Chip Daniels

Chip Daniels gets fucked by Miguel Lopez in a Tijuana toilet stall and takes a messy facial cum shot!

Bill Marlowe & Paul Brazil

Bill Marlowe fucks a Latin bad boy at a Mexican rest stop.

Johnny Rey & Derek Cruise

Johnny Rey gives fratboy Derek Cruise a blowjob and lets him fuck his ass in a public restroom.



Levi Johnston and Bristol PalinIt looks like the entire Republican Party is rallying behind Bristol Palin, cialis the “Juno from Juneau, viagra “ and her 18-year-old baby daddy and future husband Levi Johnston.

It’s the plaintive wail of the GOP. “LEAVE BRISTOL ALONE! This is a private family matter. Bastards!” Funny coming from the crowd whose party platform is focused mainly on legislating certain kinds of private behavior out of existence.

If the 17-year-old mother-to-be was anyone else she’d be shit out of luck. That’s for damn sure. Her own mother Gov. Sarah Palin — the Republican vice-presidential nominee and former mayor of Methtown, sickness AK — used a line item veto to slash funding for a program that aided homeless teen mothers. The Repugs like to hold their sympathy in reserve, doling out meager helpings for the party faithful — but nobody else.

Gov. Palin is also a big supporter of faith-based abstinence-only sex education even though studies have shown abstinence-only programs do not work. Just ask Jamie Lynn Spears.

Of course, this unplanned teen pregnancy is great news for the McCain-Palin ticket, because serial adulterer John McCain is not too popular with the social conservative whackos that run the GOP. Young Bristol’s politically expedient shotgun wedding is sure to impress the family values crowd. And it might even impress some gun nuts too.


Will Manhunt send your gay money to anti-gay candidates?

Manhunt, no rx the gay hookup site, started hemorrhaging customers after word got out that co-founder Jonathan Crutchley sent a maximum $2,300 donation to gay rights opponent John McCain. Crutchley, a big time Republican donor who thinks being called a liberal is an insult, was forced to resign his position as chairman of Manhunt’s board of directors. But since he still collects a paycheck from Manhunt, you can be sure that your hard-earned gay money will be funneled to anti-gay conservative politicians if you subscribe to their web site. I think was onto something when it asked, “Has Manhunt Destroyed Gay Culture?”

UPDATE: McCain returned the Manhunt donation. More proof that Log Cabin Republicans are complete morons for throwing their support behind a candidate who won’t stand up for them and who wants nothing to do with them. According to The Boston Herald, Crutchley now supports Barrack Obama. Is he sincere or is he trying to win back the good will of all those Manhunt subscribers who canceled their subscriptions?


Lucky there’s a family guy, v2.0

John McCain - Crazy Old CootWhen George Stephanopoulos asked John McCain how he felt about gay adoption, no rx McCain yammered and stammered through an awkward response. “I think that two parent families are best for America,” he said. “It is important for us to emphasize family values.” Sounding not unlike the bubble headed Miss South Carolina he elaborated, “I’m running for President of the United States because I want to help with family values. And I think that family values are important when we have two parent, uh, families that are, uh, parents that are the traditional family.”

And, like a malfunctioning Paula Prentiss wifey-bot, he added repetitively, “I am for the values that two parent families — the traditional family represents… I am for the values and principles that two parent families represent.”

Of course, John McCain — being the typical family values Republican — knows better than most what can happen to a child when they’re forced to grow up in a non-traditional family. Because he forced three of his own children to grow up in a non-traditional single-parent home when he abandoned their mother for his much younger, prettier, and wealthier girlfriend — Anheuser-Busch beer heiress Cindy Lou Hensley.

Actually, court records show that McCain was still married to his first wife when he obtained a marriage license to marry his socialite mistress. How’s that for tradition?

Cindy McCain’s estimated worth exceeds $100 million, and her personal fortune has helped finance her husband’s political ambitions. In short, the glassy-eyed Bree Van de Kamp lookalike is John McCain’s sugar mama. But he still treats his 18-years-younger wife like a twenty-dollar whore.

Earlier this week McCain took his (second) family and his presidential campaign to a notoriously debauched biker rally in Sturgis, South Dakota. During a stump speech the Republican presidential nominee — who was the opening act for celebrity sex tape star and American flag desecrater Kid Rock — invited a crowd of sloppy drunk bikers to pour some sugar on his sugar mama by volunteering his wife for the topless and “occasionally bottomless” Miss Buffalo Chip beauty pageant. Their daughter Meghan was also on hand to witness the shameless pimping of her mother.

Is John McCain so desperate for votes that he has to offer his wife’s tits to a bunch of horny slobs? Or is he just clueless? Did anyone on his staff bother to find out what goes on at this contest? Did he know that the prospective First Lady would have to simulate oral sex on a banana in order to win the coveted Miss Buffalo Chip crown? And doesn’t he know what the term buffalo chip means?

But I suppose being likened to a dried up piece of bovine shit is an upgrade for Cindy McCain. She once made a crack about John McCain’s receding hairline in front of reporters, and McCain famously replied, “At least I don’t plaster on the makeup like a trollop, you cunt!”

Oh, and did you hear the one about the cunt who got raped and nearly beaten to death by a gorilla? She liked it! LOL If you didn’t laugh at that joke, it’s probably because I told it wrong. The gorilla rape joke is so much funnier when John McCain tells it.

Ah, Republican family values… Where would we be if we didn’t have their bright, shining hilltop beacon to follow?


Surely, she must be joking…

Picture: Elizabeth Dole is some kind of JokerBut please don’t call her Shirley…

Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) must have a fairly macabre sense of humor, seek because she tried to name an AIDS funding bill after her late gay-hating GOP colleague Jesse Helms.

Helms — a spiteful old bastard whose legacy is tarnished by a lifetime of bigotry — opposed AIDS prevention efforts and research, ensuring that as many people as possible would die from what he considered a gay disease.

The bill, which is aimed at preventing the spread of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria in Africa, is currently named after Tom Lantos (D-CA) and Henry Hyde (R-IL) — both deceased.


R.I.H. — Jesse Helms

Homophobic, treatment racist Republican Jesse Helms was buried today. The five-term North Carolina senator — whose entire career was devoted to oppressing women and minorities — did the nation a huge favor by dying on the Fourth of July.

Among his many bigoted atrocities, case Sen. Helms opposed funding for AIDS research, including the Ryan White CARE Act. According to Helms: “There is not one single case of AIDS in this country that cannot be traced in origin to sodomy.” Ryan White, an Indiana teen who suffered from hemophilia, died of AIDS at the age of 18 after contracting HIV from a contaminated blood treatment.

Few people in government relished needless cruelty as much as Sen. Helms, so a little grave dancing is warranted. What better way to celebrate the death of such a petty, vindictive asshole than by remembering the day ACT UP put a giant condom on his house?

By the way, R.I.H. = Rot In Hell.

H/T: Remembering Activism: Jesse Helms (Home) Wears a Condom


Larry Craig’s Bobblefoot

Today is the first — and probably the last — Larry Craig Bobblefoot Day.

The St. Paul Saints, and a minor league baseball team in Minnesota, is commemorating Larry Craig’s June 11, ’07 arrest by giving a “bobblefoot” doll to the first 2,500 fans attending today’s game against the Fort Worth Cats.

The keepsake depicts a toe-tapping man in an occupied bathroom stall.

Last summer Craig was arrested for soliciting an undercover cop in a airport men’s room and charged with peeping and disorderly conduct. According to the police report Craig signaled the cop by tapping his foot under the stall.

Craig pleaded guilty to the disorderly conduct charge, but insisted “I am not gay. I never have been gay,” at a press conference, after thanking reporters for “coming out.”

Would-be crankers should be forewarned. The phone number scrawled in mock graffiti on the side of the stall does not belong to Larry Craig.

UPDATE: Larry Craig will never live this down.


Attack of the flying penis

Chess champ Kasparov attacked by flying penis

By Gary Fennelly

Former World Chess Champion and Kremlin critic Garry Kasparov has been attacked by radio-controlled penis during a meeting of opposition activists.

Around 700 opponents of the Kremlin were attending Kasparov’s address in Moscow at the weekend.

Pro-Kremlin demonstrators decided to interrupt Kasparov’s address, shop designed to unite opposition political forces, search by launching a rotor-assisted plastic phallus towards Mr Kasparov….

What a country! (Insert Yakov Smirnoff joke.) In U.S.S.A. we assault political opponents with pie. This is insane. Why a flying penis? Is it a visual pun that can only be understood by Russians? Read the full story here.


Lucky there’s a family guy

Rep. Vito Fossella (R-NY) is a “family values” Republican.

Vito Fossella values family so much he boycotts any family event that also includes his lesbian sister and her partner. He values family so much he voted against funding for joint adoptions by gay couples. He values family so much he supports a federal ban on gay marriage. His value of the family runs so deep and wide he started two of them — one with his wife on Staten Island and another with his mistress in Virginia.

Fossella’s secret double life was exposed after he was arrested in Virginia for driving under the influence with a blood alcohol level more than twice the legal limit.