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RIP Xander Scott

Late gay porn star Xander Scott (Randy Blue)

Some horrible news. Xander Scott, formerly a Randy Blue fan favorite, died of an apparent drug overdose last month in Arizona. His death was confirmed via his Facebook page. A memorial service was held on Valentine’s Day. His last RB appearance was in June 2010.


WTF?! Kurt Madison & Spencer Jones compete on Playboy TV’s “The Man”

Randy Blue's Spencer Jones & Kurt Madison (aka Quinn Jaxon) on Playboy's 'The Man'

The Man, Playboy TV’s low rent version of The Bachelor, is a reality dating show where four presumably heterosexual males vie for the affections of two finicky ladies. So what are two [totally not gay] gay porn stars doing here?

Episode three features two Randy Blue models — Cody (aka Spencer Jones) and Quinn (aka Kurt Madison). They spend much of the episode making bitchy comments about each other during the interview segments. (Rrrreeerrr!) This makes for some unintentionally hilarious train-wreck TV as the ladies seem to be picking up on a vibe but can’t quite put their finger on it.


A hot naked guy playing Spider-Man — Vince Rockland edition

Vince Rockland

Here’s Vince Rockland (arguably the most popular of the Rockland brothers, gay porn’s first sibling trio) in the classic Spider-Man crouch, showing us exactly how flexible he is. And boy was he ever! A self-described bisexual, Vince performed as both a versatile top and a bottom in titles like Hands On and Possession.

Find more naked pics of Vince acting like your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man after the jump…


Benjamin Godfre — Porn star

Benjamin Godfre

We all know how much he likes getting naked, but now fashion model Benjamin Godfre has officially made the leap into gay porn. He’s already shot two solo scenes for Falcon Studios and will collaborate on additional material that will be available exclusively on his web site before coming out on DVD. Until then you’ll just have to settle for the amateur j/o videos he posted himself. Naked shots after the jump…


A hot naked guy playing Spider-Man — Dario Dolce edition

Dario Dolce

Much like Spider-Man, young Bel Ami stud Dario Dolce is no stranger to the skintight unitard. He developed his chiseled, made-to-fuck body on a wrestling team. Though we’re pretty sure that Dario’s stint as a wrestler didn’t end in tragedy.

Here’s Dario in the classic Spidey crouch — and with dangling junk! Also, some shots of Dario hanging from the ceiling. (Well, not really, but let’s pretend.) See, that’s what makes Spider-Man so fuckable. In addition to being incredibly limber and having his own gimp suit, he can stick to a wall or hang upside-down by his feet. Just think of the possibilities…

More naked Dario after the jump…


A hot naked guy playing Spider-Man — Jordan Rivers edition

Jordan Rivers (aka male porn star Julian Rios)

When he’s not saving New York from the latest mutated freak, Spider-Man can usually be found crouching on top of a skyscraper in his skintight, red and blue gimp suit — inviting gutter-minded reprobates like myself to mentally undress his limber physique. And I know I’m not the only one who goes there. How else could Andrew Garfield’s ass generate so much buzz?

But you won’t have to use your imagination with these vintage nude shots of porn star Jordan Rivers. Here he is in the signature Spidey crouch and wall crawling poses, minus the Spidey costume of course. The shot with the dangling 10-inch man-tackle is my personal favorite. More explicit naked photos after the jump…


Paddy O’Brian shooting Falcon porn

Paddy O'Brian and Kyle King

Paddy O’Brian just signed a long term exclusive contract with Falcon Studios and recently completed filming scenes with Kyle King, Angelo Marconi, and Randy Dixon. He’s set to appear in titles set for release in August (Summer Lust) and next fall. The shot of gay-for-pay Paddy in a lip-lock with Angelo is certainly a good sign.


RIP Erik Rhodes (1982 – 2012)

Erik Rhodes

According to the Falcon Studios blog, Erik Rhodes died of a heart attack in his sleep this morning at 5:30 AM. He was only 30-years old.

Falcon’s official statement:

It is with utmost sadness that we make the announcement of Erik Rhodes’ passing. We offer our condolences to Erik’s family, friends and loved ones. He was a genuine and caring man with extraordinary attractiveness and a massive muscled frame. Erik was an equally beautiful human being who lit up a room, and brought fun and joy to our studio and his fans that was unparalleled. He was a giving person with a special wit, and he put his all into every performance. He wanted to give his fans the best he could every single time he stepped in front of the camera. Rest in peace, Erik and know that we are celebrating your life and your achievements, but we will miss you and all the special moments you have given us forever.


No more homo haters! Ever!

Watch Joan Crawford smack the crap out of stupid, hateful homophobic bigot Stacey Pritchard. Because someone this proud of their ignorance deserves to become an internet meme.

He did a bad bad thing

Zeke (aka Nick Gruber)

Don’t let that innocent, boyish smile fool you. This Sean Cody model, Zeke (aka Aaron Skyline), just got busted for cocaine possession and assault. Zeke retired from porn a few years ago, but he lit up gay gossip sites under his real name, Nick Gruber, when started dating Calvin Klein.

Full frontal nudes after the jump…


Jake Andrews behind the scenes

No, your eyes did not deceive you. Randy Blue’s newest boy-toy Jake Andrews is an Andrew Christian model. Here’s a risqué behind the scenes look at a recent photo shoot. They pulled on Austin Powers on the shots of him changing his underwear, but that’s not a problem. If you want to see Jake’s naughty bits, they aren’t very hard to find.


Prop H8 is unconstitutional — again…

A federal appeals court in a 2-1 decision ruled that the California’s gay marriage ban violated the U.S. Constitution. Of course this won’t stop H8ers from H8ing. Equality opponents vowed to appeal, because Maggie Gallagher (aka Ina Garten’s evil twin sister) doesn’t want to give up her gravy train.

A Divine Christmas

All she wanted for Christmas was cha cha heels. Black ones. But she didn’t get ’em. Here’s hoping you’re having a better Christmas than Dawn Davenport. From John Waters camp/trash classic Female Trouble.

Ryan Idol — attempted murderer

Now this is just fucked up!

Former gay porn star Ryan Idol (real name Marc Anthony Donais) was convicted of attempted murder earlier this week over a 2009 incident. During a bathroom brawl, Idol smashed the lid of a toilet tank over his ex-girlfriend’s head. Idol pleaded self-defense, claiming his ex had a knife, but the jury didn’t buy it since she was taking a bath at the time.


Ambiguously Gay Duo in the flesh

See Jon Hamm and Jimmy Fallon as live action versions of the homoerotic cartoon heroes Ace & Gary.

Joey Stefano Superstar

Joey Stefano

Coming to a theater near you, try a Joey Stefano biopic. According to director/screenwriter Chad Darnell, cialis writing on Michael Musto’s blog, viagra three actors have been cast: Missi Pyle as Sharon Kane, William Belli as Karen Dior, and Ryan O’Connor as Chi Chi LaRue.

No Joey yet, but JC Adams says some big names have expressed an interest. Darnell likes Trevor Donovan. Good luck with that. Darnell has worked on some major projectsSpider-Man & Lost to name two — so maybe he can snag an B or C-lister and this could be the next Boogie Nights.

For fans (or the uninitiated), two more pictures of Joey Stefano after the jump…

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Rob Lowe singing in the worst Oscar number ever!

Thank god for YouTube and VCRs. Otherwise this tacky Oscar number would be nothing but a terrible memory. It’s the infamous musical number that has Rob Lowe singing (badly) with some poor, treatment struggling actress who’s doing her very best Snow White impersonation in the biggest, salve tackiest, gayest production number the Academy has ever produced. And just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any bigger, tackier or gayer, Lily Tomlin climbs out of a replica of the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre that’s sitting on top of a woman’s head. You know what’s really amazing? Rob Lowe’s career not only survived an underage teen sex scandal but also this!


Steven Daigle of Big Brother 10 stars in gay porn video

Big Brother porn | Steven Daigle: XXXposed (front box cover)

Big Brother porn | Steven Daigle: XXXposed (rear box cover)

Big Brother contestant Steven Daigle is set to star in the hardcore gay porn video, no rx Steven Daigle: XXXPosed, view from prolific porn producer Chi Chi LaRue. Daigle, hospital a real life cowboy on the gay rodeo circuit, was an early evictee during the tenth season of the CBS reality series.

According to his C1R.com porn profile, Daigle is 6′ 2″, weighs 185 pounds, has an 8-inch cock (cut), and he’s versatile. He shows off his cute naked butt on the rear box cover, but some fans already got a peak at Daigle’s dangle when he posted nude cell phone pictures of himself online in order to boost his Twitter following.

The DVD is currently available for pre-order and ships on Feb. 23, 2010. C1R members can watch it online starting on Feb. 16th.

Daigle is but one in a long list of Big Brother house guests gone wild…

Steven’s Big Brother intro video is along with publicity photos, a nude cell phone pic, and additional box cover art is posted below

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Rascal Video presents Steven Daigle: XXXposed – Directed by Chi Chi LaRueStarring: Slade, Jeremy Bilding, Steven Daigle, Jimmy Durano, Josh Griffin, Johnny Hazzard, Brandon Lewis & Paul Wagner


This is how democracy dies…

Scott Brown's semi-nude Cosmo centerfold

Not with a bang, generic but with a himbo. Scott Brown is sort of the male version of Sarah Palin — a real nasty piece of work who’s able to coast on faux populism and good looks. If he wins Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat, ampoule don’t expect any of the myriad problems this country is facing to get solved anytime soon. If Democrats couldn’t do shit when they had 60 votes in their caucus, stuff they sure as hell won’t be able to accomplish anything with 59. Our penchant for electing fuckable politicians will be the death of us all.


Coming to an airport near you — the virtual strip search

Full-body scanner virtual strip searchHere’s a new reason to stick to your New Year’s resolution — if you’ve vowed to eat right and get more excercise, cialis that is. Full-body scanners.

And you might want to stock up on the Extenze while you’re at it, cialis because in the not too distant future, ailment the next time you want to fly, a TSA security screener will probably be ogling your junk to make sure you don’t want to blow up the plane like the failed Undie Bomber.

Of course, there’s one gaping hole in this particular strategy. Full-body scanners can’t detect foreign objects if they’re hidden inside an orifice. So as soon as some yahoo manages to smuggle an explosive or a weapon onto a plane by hiding it up his ass, we’ll be talking about implementing random cavity searches at U.S. airports.

Michael Chertoff, the former head of HSS and one of the biggest advocates of full-body scanners, will make a small fortune if this ever becomes policy. Can you say “conflict of interest?” Keep that in mind the next time you see him on CNN.


Gay-for-pay cocksucker can’t get laid after acting like a homophobic “douche-bag”

Ryan Rockford on Playboy's Foursome

On the Playboy reality series Foursome, unhealthy his fellow housemates seemed unimpressed when “John, the stuntman” (aka gay-for-pay model Ryan Rockford) bragged about working on the next Jason Bourne project. When he also bragged about being a personal trainer they became openly hostile.

“Is there anything you can’t do?” one of them asked, derisively. John replied, a bit too emphatically: “Yes. Men!

Overcompensate much, John?

You could practically hear the scrota shrink as a chill settled over the air. Did he not realize the show was being taped in San Francisco? The ladies were so put off by John’s attitude, they started calling him “douche-bag” behind his back and opted to spend the night with each other instead of either of the two guys.

“Twilight” fangirls imagine Robert Pattinson has a shiny, pink cock

This Halloween you can bring home Robert Pattinson‘s dick in a box. Sort of. It’s called The Vamp, search a sparkly dildo inspired by the Twilight series. According to the manufacturer’s product page

… The Vamp retains hot and cold temperature. Toss it in the fridge for that authentic experience…

Toss it in the fridge? Toss your cold-retaining dildo in the fridge? Really!? Getting reamed by an ice cold, sickness gelatinous shaft sounds like a real buzz kill to me. Clearly some Twilight fans have no idea how their vaginas work. Too much home schooling I guess.


Is Levi’s ‘johnston’ worth $25,000?

Unzipped magazine wants Levi Johnston’s ass, sovaldi sale and StraightCollegeMen.com — shooting for more than just the moon — has offered him $25, ed 000 to do a solo jerk off video. Queerty, a gay culture blog, is willing to go as high as $50,000 to get Levi out of his Levis and into another guy. Good luck with that.

I doubt we’ll be seeing the Johnston johnson anytime soon, but if his fauxmance with Kathy Griffin tells us anything, it’s that Levi Johnston would do just about anything for attention.

Now that I know he’s feuding with the Wicked Witch of Wasilla I no longer hate myself for finding him just a little bit cute.


If you’re a young gay porn star, bible college is not your friend

It sucks to be Vincent DeSalvo.

This adorable, ambulance 22-year-old Randy Blue cutie was a student at the conservative Christian Grove City College — alma mater of ex-gay quack “Dr.” Warren Throckmorton — until one of his classmates ratted him out to school administrators after finding one of his gay porn videos online found his porn videos online and then forwarded them to other students. Eventually school administrators got wind of it.

The school suspended DeSalvo for one year because getting fucked in the ass while sucking cock is the sort of behavior that runs “contrary to the values” of the school.

Just goes to show conservative Christianity and liberated sexuality do not mix. Unless you do it on the down low. Apparently the classmate that narc’d on him after jerking off to finding one of his gay porn videos wasn’t punished for trawling the internet for gay porn.

UPDATE: More details about DeSalvo’s treatment at “Christian” college. He’s been pelted with food, sales and he’s received over 200 threatening e-mails from fellow students. So far no one has be disciplined for their hateful treatment of DeSalvo.

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