Buddy Davis rubs one out

Buddy Davis jerks off at Cocky Boys

He’s gorgeous!

About Buddy Davis

I’ve had my eye on hot straight stud Buddy Davis for a while and was itchin’ to get him on my site. I finally got him to agree to do a solo (and a scene with Skyler Caine coming up in a few weeks!) and good god am I glad he did. This kid is fuckin’ hot! He starts off shirtless, medical rubbing his dick through his jeans. Once he’s nice and hard he pulls his jeans down and gets back to rubbin’ one out. He plays with his nuts while he jerks it and rubs himself all over, eventually turning around to bend over for the camera to show off his hot beefy ass. After some more sensual moments spent groping himself he sits down and jacks off while he tugs on his balls until he shoots his load all over his tight defined stomach. If you think this is hot – just wait until you see him with Skyler! Check it. — Cocky Boys

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