Bubble butted Brandon


Brandon gets his first rimjob and blowjob from resident cocksucker Jamie at Sean Cody. And in his latest video he eagerly sucks his first dick during another frenzied boy-boy fuck scene with baby-faced bottom Jeffrey. More hot naked pics after the jump…





Summer is my favorite time of year. It kicks off with a long weekend, no rx some food on the grill, and and best of all, tadalafil lots of hot guys at the beach running around nearly naked!

No one defines summer perfection like Brandon does. The instant I saw him standing there with his tight shirt stretched across his torso, I had this feeling that he was going to be fun!

I love being right. He is quietly confident, with an understated, sarcastic sense of humor. He is probably a guy that can make anyone want to sleep with him just by looking at them.

“What part of your body gets the most attention from people?”

“My chest.”

“You realize I am going to make you show it off right?”

“Probably.” He smiled.

“Lose the shirt… you knew that was coming.”

“I might mess up my hair,” he laughed.

I wouldn’t care if he had walked in with bed head! Brandon’s body? Amazing! He is naturally smooth, with perfect skin, big muscles, and an awesome butt that does not quit! — Sean Cody

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