Bobby makes Luke his prison bitch

Luke Marcum gives Bobby Clark a jailhouse blowjob at Cocky Boys

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About Bobby Clark & Luke Marcum

I got to see Luke in action as a top in his last scene but I was itching to see how he looked with a big thick cock up in his ass and I knew just the guy to give it to him – Bobby Clark. They had this prison sex scenario they wanted to play out and I thought – what the hell? Hot sex is hot sex. Bobby walks into Luke’s cell, gets him out of bed, and then orders him to suck his cock. Luke gets onto his knees and really works Bobby’s cock and balls while Bobby tells him how he likes his dick sucked. Then Bobby bends over and orders Luke to eat his ass out. Bobby’s nice enough to give a little recip. head before he straps on a condom and tells Luke that he’s going to “fuck the shit out of him” – and boy does he! First Luke rides Bobby’s cock, slamming his ass down onto Bobby’s big dick. Then Bobby bends Luke over and pounds him from behind until Luke’s ass can’t take anymore deep dickin’. Bobby pulls out and jerks out a nice thick load all over Luke’s abs right before Luke shoots his own load all over himself. Coated in cum, Luke rubs the jizz all over himself as he exclaims “Oh that’s hot”. You gotta love a guy who doesn’t mind stating the obvious. Check it. — Cocky Boys

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