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Porn star Zeb AtlasFalcon Studios CEO Todd Montgomery is out. The remaining bird brand honchos have decided some of the policies implemented under his watch are no longer right for the Falcon label.

Caving to pressure from pearl necklace clutchers who think pilule But Falcon Not Going Bareback” href=”” target=”_blank”>swallowing is next door to bareback, no rx the company has decided to nix the recently reinstated oral cum shots that were so prominent in their current best seller Fleet Week.

This reversal coincides with the addition of heterosexual models to the Falcon roster, including its most expensive performer to date — two-time Men Magazine “Man of the Year” Zeb Atlas.

His lucrative deal with Falcon follows a recent internet appearance in which Atlas was orally serviced by Jake Cruise.

According to Atlas’ agent David Forest, Falcon has inked a “big-ticket superstar deal” with the gay-for-pay bodybuilder — the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Ken Ryker, Jeff Stryker, and Ryan Idol collected record breaking salaries from now defunct studios like Catalina and Odyssey Men way back in the 1990s.

Forest boasts that Atlas’ paycheck will be “the biggest that any star has ever been paid by [Falcon Studios] for a single movie project.”

Atlas is slated to appear in two hardcore scenes with Lifetime Exclusive Matthew Rush in an as yet untitled marriage-themed double pack that will co-star internet sensation Tony Capucci.

Atlas and David Forest have duped fans in the past by promising a gay sex scene without following through. The cynical marketing for his no-sex muscle worship video Mark Meets Zeb: The Texas Two-Step, co-starring Mark Dalton, strongly hinted at a boy-boy action scene but only featured “touching.”

UPDATE: Looks like Matthew Rush is unhappy about Zeb Atlas’ on-screen pairing with Jake Cruise. He added his $0.02 in a post over at ATKOL Forums:

“My complaint is that this movie was supposed to be Zeb’s first man on man scene, going all the way. Things were set in stone and ready to go then he goes and does the whole thing with Jake Cruise. That was a HUGE slap in the face to me. If Zeb was going to sell out at least sell out to someone other than Jake Cruise! He could have at least waited till our scene was already shot before he did his thing with Jake.

It’s the same stunt that Jason Adonis pulled when he did his bottoming scene with Erik Rhodes. Erik was supposed to be his first but he wasn’t. If Erik or I would have pulled a stunt like that, we would have been canned. I guess being openly gay and proud and loyal to a company for 9 years means nothing these days.”

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