Armani puts giant soccer balls in underwear ad

David Beckham bulge Emporio Armani Underwear The notorious Beckham Bulge appears in a Godzilla-sized mural overlooking an outdoor amphitheater adjacent to the Union Square Macy’s in San Francisco. The footballers balls are the centerpiece of a new round of ads for Emporio Armani Underwear.

The latest ad, for sale featuring soccer superstar David Beckham, viagra is the first of five new images in Giorgio Armani’s Autumn/Winter 2008-09 ad campaign. This second set of ads follows a successful campaign from last winter.

The San Fran store Underwear Sales in a Tizzy” href=”” target=”_blank”>lads and lasses were gaga over the slow reveal of David Beckham’s giant package.

Similar billboards will appear across the globe in major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, London, Milan, Rome, Paris, and Tokyo.

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