Hot and horny Harry Louis

Harry Louis

Yeah, Marc Jacobs is tapping that! Enjoy these sexy naked pics of the fashion designer’s horsehung Brazilian boyfriend Harry Louis.

Harry Louis

Harry Louis

Harry Louis

Harry Louis

A self-described “natural Brazilian boy,” stunningly hot Harry Louis has the body and face of a god. His dark hair and eyes show off his Latin heritage and his sculpted body tells the tale of many hours spent honing those muscles to perfection. Harry moved to Europe and now calls central London home. As a result, we now get to see his gleaming perfection in movies like The London Massive and Dressed: Down and Dirty. With only a handful of films to his name since his 2008 debut, Harry leaves us all drooling for more. Harry says acting in porn is “like being paid to live out my fantasies.” He’s also a fashion model and has done plenty of hot photo shoots for gay magazines. When he isn’t filming or modeling, Harry likes spending time with his friends and cooking exotic dishes. — Harry Louis bio by AEBN

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  2. muito lindo e gostosos

    May 5, 2014 at 11:47 am

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