Ian Somerhalder — cock blocked!

Remember “Tell Me You Love Me” — that dreary cable series with graphic simulated sex scenes? Well HBO just pulled the ultimate cock block. They canceled it. Can’t say I’m surprised. Even the sight of Ian Somerhalder‘s naked, undulating buttocks and semi-erect penis couldn’t make this suffocating dysfunctional relationship drama watchable. I bailed after just two episodes. Even the promise of full frontal nudity from the rosy-cheeked, blue-eyed pretty boy couldn’t get me to come back. Ian’s sex scenes were sort of a letdown anyway because they had him bumping uglies with, of all things, a girl. After his boy-boy makeout session with James Van Der Beek (not to mention his R-rated simulated j/o and underwear dancing) in Rules of Attraction I was hoping he’d reprise his role as The Gay so we could see him grind his naked ball sack into another man’s crotch.

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