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Jamie Durrell drenches Bobby Noiret after they fuck

Bobby Noiret & Jamie Durrell (

Life is full of small dramas for Jamie Durrell and Bobby Noiret today: Bobby thinks Jamie is just using him for his dick and doesn’t have the same feelings that he does. Knowing Jamie we also suspect that may be true, but also don’t see why Bobby would have a problem with it.

It doesn’t take Bobby long to come to the same conclusion and suggest that they go back to his place for a quick roll in the hay. As it turns out, Bobby was wrong: Jamie is not just using him for his cock, but for his ass! The sex between these 2 is passionate and energetic so we hope you enjoy their show today. — Watch the hardcore preview @

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Mr. Man - Explicit gay sex - Join For Free - Chris Evans taking off his clothes

More Than Words — Bart Cuban fucks Yannis Paluan to orgasm

Yannis Paluan & Bart Cuban (Bel Ami Online)

Although most of our guys (as is the case with Yannis Paluan) are genuinely nice guys who are fun to be around, a few of them also have a strong streak of vanity running in their veins (as also is the case with Yannis) and spend a lot of time making sure they look their best for us, but also quite a bit of time admiring the results themselves.

Today Yannis takes it in his stride when he is caught in the middle of a self appreciation session by sexy Hungarian, Bart Cuban. Without blinking an eye, he turns what could have been an embarrassing moment into an opportunity for seduction, and very soon has Bart’s big dick first in his mouth and then up inside his ass.

For all of his youth, Bart is an accomplished fucker and soon has Yannis writhing in pleasure and spurting a huge load all over his chest, with Bart following soon after with his own big load all over Yannis’ still quivering hole. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Naked college hunk Zack Vasquez in the garden

Naked Campus Hunk Zack Vasquez (Playgirl Online)

Playgirl Campus Hunk Zack Vasquez takes off his shirt and jeans to show off his perfectly sculpted body and big beautiful cock during a naked stroll through Florida garden. And he can’t keep his hands off himself. Could you?

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Nate Donaghy leaves Allan Aimée completely drenched

Allan Aimee & Nate Donaghy (

Since we concluded Allan Aimée’s Freshmen introduction in July, we felt it time to bring him back for his next scene. We decided to pair him with one of our wild boys, Nate Donaghy. This scene was filmed last winter during one of Prague’s coldest days.

So, the scenes start of Allan waiting outside on a park bench was a little rough. Nate sets out to make his frigid friend as warm as possible, taking off his clothes so that he may apply some body heat. After unwrapping his “present” Nate decides that Allan’s dick and ass need special attention.

Those who like their blowjobs sloppy and wet will particularly enjoy Allan’s slobbering with delight as he tries to take as much of Nate’s dick into his mouth as he can. Nate supplies some spit of his own to Alan’s hole — lubricant for a smoother fuck.

Nate’s devotion to giving his buddy a steady pounding is met with Allan’s in-time stroking of his cock until he finally shoots all over himself. Nate manages to outdo all of this with a massive cumshot — drenching is buddy’s face with spurt after spurt. — Watch the hardcore preview @

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Guard that pussy! — Chris Evans had an epic dick slip!

Chris Evans Guard That Pussy meme

So. You accidentally posted showed your dick on the internet…

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Big bulging Playgirl hunk Ian Turner drops trou

Hunky Playgirl model Ian Turner gets naked

Playgirl model Ian Turner’s a hot young hunk from the deep south who honed this gorgeous, chiseled physique on his high school football team. This sexy stud (aka Sean Cody‘s Wade, Tory George) has since peddled his pecs and his pecker as both a porn and a fitness model.

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Bel Ami twink Leo Lamech gets a little bit wet after a shower

Cute twink Leo Lamech (Bel Ami Online)

Our photoshoot this week is a little bit of a wet affair as photographer Luke Hamill decided on a shower theme to introduce us to Leo Lamech. Leo is a very cute twink with a nice big dick that he seems to like showing off.

It is quite unusual for Luke to take photos for us these days, so he really must have taken a shine to young Leo, even going as far to give him an all over rub down before the shoot. Let us know if you like Leo as much as Luke seems to. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Damon Heart & Jeroen Mondrian have their own version of hot yoga

Jeroen Mondrian & Damon Heart (Bel Ami Online)

Jeroen Mondrian is getting Yoga lessons today from our Belgian friend Damon Heart. Damon was in Prague filming on the NakedSword production ‘The Last Rose’ so we asked him to stay a couple days longer to see the town, and also film this scene with Jeroen. If we hadn’t realized before, we certainly know after this clip that Jeroen loves having his ass rimmed. Even when Damon suggests that he turn around so he can suck his dick he is resolute in getting Damon to continue giving his hole pleasure. When the fucking begins we see the results of Damon’s magic tongue, as he slides right into Jeroen without hesitation and proceeds to fuck him until both guys shoot their loads at almost the same time. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Jack Kesy’s Hot Ass & Robert De Niro’s Vintage Balls!

Dominic DeVore is the latest star to put the Penis in P-Valley, in The Outpost the super sexy Jack Kesy shows his ass around a bunch of hot army guys, Robert De Niro turns 77 this week so we’re remembering his hot penis and balls in 1900, the new series Teenage Bounty Hunters brings a bounty of Steven Legate’s booty, and the French movie An Easy Girl delivers Nuno Lopes’ hot hairy ass and back sac!” — Mr. Man


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Summer Loves — Samuel Cregeen’s solo session

Samuel Cregeen (Bel Ami Online)

We kick this week off with a fresh face in our Summer Loves series, Sammy Cregeen. Sammy is on the twinkier end of the model spectrum with a lean build, a fresh and charmming face and easy going smile.

For his first time getting naked for a photosession he is surprisingly relaxed and at ease. As for the ‘business’ end of Samuel he has a nice thick dick, plump balls and a very cute ass. We hope you enjoy Sammy’s addition to our Summer Loves team. — Watch the hardcore preview @ Bel Ami Online

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Bruno Duarte from Below Deck bangs his boyfriend Jose

Bruno Duarte fucks his boyfriend Jose (Colt Studio Group)

Introducing COLT Men Bruno Duarte and his real-life partner Jose… In this intimate portrait DVD, see our latest COLT Men in up-close and personal action in their very own bedroom. Both men burn up the screen with special never-seen-before all-nude footage.

Bruno has been on television and a world-wide celebrity from his appearance on reality TV and his partner Jose is a personal trainer. Both men have never appeared nude before and everyone has been begging to see them bare all… Well, here’s your chance! — Colt Studio Group

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Get to know cute Freshmen twink Giulio Pasolini

Giulio Pasolini (

Luke Hamill does double duty as interviewer and cameraman for his chat with Giulio Pasolini. Luke lacks the finesse possessed by GD in his questioning.

However, as those who saw Giulio’s amazing debut with Bastian Dufy can attest, Giulio seems to like men who are forward and direct. Luke gets all the information he needs. — Watch the hardcore preview @

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Below Deck’s Bruno Duarte gets naked with his boyfriend Jose for COLT

Bruno Duarte his boyfriend Jose (Colt Studio Group)

COLT Studio Group has released its newest installment in the “COLT Man” line of videos with COLT Men Bruno Duarte and Jose.

Bruno has a huge fan base in social media and many of his fans might know him from Below Deck Season 5. He and his co-star and fiancé Jose got in touch with COLT’s director/owner John Rutherford via Instagram.

John Rutherford said, “I am a huge fan of Below Deck and a friend of mine was on the show as a guest and on that episode, I saw Bruno in his red, starred swim suit where he has to be a table decoration during a ‘Naked Sushi’ dinner. I had written him on IG telling him I was a big fan and thought he looked great. We stayed in touch and because Bruno and Jose live in the South of France, so we met up in Paris and decided to do a photo shoot and video with them both. We wanted it to be erotic and intimate…. The rest is history, as they say.”

The online scene with Bruno and Jose is available now at, while the DVD will be released later this summer separately or bundled with the 2021 COLT Couples Calendar in June 2020. All six calendars will include the COLT Hairy Chested, COLT Leather, COLT Men, COLT Butt Beautiful, Buckshot Boys and COLT Couples.

“Since our conception back in 1967, COLT has always been synonymous with hairy, masculine men in our annual COLT calendars, magazines and movies,” Rutherford said. “Bruno and Jose are all that and a real-life couple to boot…. Their scene sizzles. I’ve seen the footage and it is like the viewer is a fly on the wall watching the two COLT Men getting it on without knowing anyone is watching.” — Colt Studio Group

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